There are a lot of misconceptions about cozy mysteries. The main one being that they are for older women mostly. The thing is…cozies are for everyone! (well, except maybe little children lol)

I love talking about cozy mysteries to people and today I am going to tell you why I love them so much.


Charming (and quirky) characters

The characters in a cozy mystery are some of the best you might ever read about! These characters are loyal to those they care about and are so kind. Many times the characters will have special or funny quirks that makes you love them even more. Of course there is usually the mean character, but you’ve got to have a villain, right?



Oh. My. Goodness. The settings in these books are so unique! Cozy mysteries can be about literally hundreds of different things! If you are wanting a certain theme for your cozy mystery read, I am sure that it is out there somewhere. You’ve got food cozies, career cozies, magical cozies, hobby cozies, paranormal cozies, fantasy cozies, historical cozies. The options are endless! I also love reading about the small, fictional towns that these books are set in.


Covers and Titles

Have you ever seen the cover of a cozy mystery? The artwork is amazing! There are usually a bunch of little hidden clues in the cover and I love searching through them to see what I can find. You can find a weapon like a gun or a knife. You can find a little skull and crossbones made from sauce in a food dish. A messy crime scene. And the titles? Oh my goodness. I love the puns in cozy mystery titles.

Some examples?
Dim Sum of All Fears
Buried in the Stacks
Eclair and Present Danger
Natural Thorn Killer

Aren’t they great?


Of course, the Mystery!

Don’t think that just because you’re reading a cozy mystery that you aren’t getting a good story. Sure, the murder isn’t as detailed and gory, but that mystery story line in a cozy will suck you in just like it will in a traditional mystery.


Those are just some of the main reasons I love cozy mysteries. Do you read cozy mysteries? What are some of your favorites?

If you don’t read them, have I convinced you to give one a try?!  🙂