Review Policy

Each one of the Mystery Crew has their own individual style, so reviews look different according to which crew member’s review you are reading. We, however, all have agreed to be honest with our reviews and to share both the good and the bad. We do have a standard agreement on ratings on a five-point scale. We may, however, use different things to show that rating per our own individual tastes. Also as we are different people, we may interpret these general guidelines differently.


We rate on these general standard guidelines/scale:

5 – We absolutely LOVED this book.  We loved the main and secondary characters and the plot.  We weren’t able to put this book down.  We were able to connect with the characters.  This may very well go down as one of our top reads of the year.  This will be one of the first books that we recommend to someone.
4 –  We really enjoyed this book, but didn’t *love* it.  There may have been a plot hole, grammar errors, or just a couple small things in the plot that didn’t sit well with us. We would still recommend this to a friend.
3 –  We liked this book.  There were probably plot holes or numerous grammar errors that distracted from the story and lowered readability.  The characters may have been hard to connect with.  There were enough good qualities about this book that we might recommend it.
2 – We did not like this book.  There were numerous plot holes and the grammar errors made it very difficult to read.  Characters were not able to be redeemed and we could not connect with them.  We would not recommend this book to a friend.
1 – We hated this book.  There was probably nothing that we liked about it.  It may even be a DNF.  We would not recommend this book.




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