How to Join the Crew

Do you love mysteries?
Do you love writing reviews?
If your answers are yes, you may be a good fit for being a blogger with

  • Do you watch mystery television, read mystery books, or watch mystery movies? All three? Let us know what your mystery interests are!
  • Have you ever blogged before? If so, where and do you have an example of a post you have done? If not, do you think you could post at a minimum of twice a month? 
  • Let us know some of the mystery shows, movies, or books that you enjoy. 
  • Is there a type of mystery book that you are not into? (We count all aspects of thrillers and suspense in our definition of mystery)
  • How have you worked on a team previously? 

Where to send answers to:

If you feel that you would be a good fit for the team, please send your inquiry to email address. We, as a team, will review your application to work with us and we will get pack to you as soon as we are able to do so (usually within 48 hours). 

  We appreciate anyone that takes an interest in joining the Crew!