We thought it might be a fun idea for us to take turns interviewing each other, so everyone can get to know us better! It’s my turn to interview Cass, so let’s get to it:

Hey Cass, thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions, let’s start with something simple-ish:

I love the whole idea for the Mystery Crew, what prompted the idea of creating this?

I had been considering doing a collaborative blog for some time. At one point, I thought about just doing a totally book review site without a theme. I had been friends with fellow mystery crew member, Jackie, for awhile. We both really enjoyed mystery books. We would discuss them or a mystery TV show we both were watching. Heck, we buddy watched “Harlan Corben’s The Five” on Netflix. Finally, I settled that a mystery blog would be a wonderful idea, so the hunt for others to do the blog with me began. Jackie was a natural choice and then Dee & you, Ben, answered the call as well. Here we are!

Out of all the books you’ve read which book would be your favourite, which isn’t a mystery book?

This would be a tie, I feel that the Color Purple and The Joy Luck Club really speak well to the experiences of those particular minority groups and have always spoken to my soul on a very deep level. It shows the struggle of minority populations, which links up to my profession as a social worker.

Going with the theme of the site, surprise surprise, what was your favourite mystery book read in 2019?

Bahaha, so about that. This year, I haven’t had the time to actually read a mystery book! I know blasphemy. I was completing my Masters of Social Work and had to do a practicum placement, while also going to school still. This took up much of my 2019. I am just now being able to return to reading fully as now I am fully graduated from that program. I read a LOT of comic books this year because of this. The only thing with a msytery/detective slant was “Goldie Vance”, which I loved a lot because of the mystery sleuth angle.

If you could only repeat one word over for the whole day, which would would it be?

Fluffy! That is my go to word for things that I love, so I would be fine repeating it over the course of a whole day, but it would be awkward in any jobs that I am currently looking at. Imagine THAT job interview bahaha.

When you aren’t busy reading or blogging, what would you be most likely to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time on the DC Universe forums, talking with DC comic book fans. I was invited earlier this year to a fan event that was an all paid for expense trip to Burbank, California. I got to see all the Bat Suits from the movies, Bat-mobiles, costumes from other films, met other forum members, be on DC Daily, and just so many wonderful things happen that day that I can’t even speak about. As a result though, I spend my extra time there often.

How did you get into reading?

My father was an avid reader and would tell me that I should read everything, so that probably was a great contributor. I had preferences though for series like Sweet Valley High and Fear Street. There was a moment that changed me and made me an actual reader though. I was going through a vampire phase and I read a book entitled “Uncle Vampire” by Cynthia D. Grant. It was the first book that made me understand that a book could go to places that we could never predict and could move you on a deeper level. The book cemented me as a reader for the rest of my life.

What do you like most about the mystery genre?

I like trying to guess what is going happen. I love thinking it is one person and then going, “Hmm, could it actually be this other person?” Going back and forth during a book trying to figure it out before you get to that final page is a wonderful feeling. I also like that often in the cozy mystery genre the town and the characters are more important than the murder that takes place in the book. The relationships that are highlighted have always been something that I found intriguing. Seeing how these people in this world connect together and what could drive one to killing someone else in it is a fascinating study in the human experience through a totally unreal experience.

When it comes to Mystery TV Shows & Movies, what would be your favourite?

I grew up on “Murder, She Wrote” so that one holds a special part of my heart. I love seeing this little old lady in Angela Lansbury trying to figure out who in her world for that episode killed the victim. I love that it has that cozy mystery feel about it as well, so characters are always important to each episode. It is due to the love of this show that I eventually got into loving “Diagnosis Murder” as well. Seeing Dick Van Dyke solving mysteries is always a wonderful way to spend 45 minutes. I also really enjoyed the buddy watch of “Harlan Corben’s The Five” with fellow crew member, Jackie. That was a shocker of a show. I highly recommend it.

Last but not least – sum yourself up in one word!


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