Our Definition of Mystery

The mystery crew considers anything that has a mystery quality about it to be a mystery. It may be a thriller, cozy mystery, spy thriller, YA Mystery, Fantasy Mystery, and any combination of mystery with some other genre. We are not limited to just one particular mystery genre, but are open to anything with a mystery slant to it. 

Mystery includes anything that is trying to be discovered. A secret love affair, a murderer in a small town, or even finding a mysterious item that will change the world. The mystery slant will always be connected in our reviews and content, but be assured every post on here is connected to our team’s deep love and appreciation for the mystery genre.




Maggie from
The Wispy Reader

The Mystery Crew

Here are the mystery crew members. Each of the blog names are linked to their individual blogs, where they do not focus entirely on the mystery genre. Show their other blog sites some love as well! 

Jackie from
The Bookworm Cafe

Cass from
Cass’s Corner

About Us

Cass wanted to create a collaborative book blogger website for mystery bloggers, so he put out the call to find some other super sleuths to blog about mysteries with. Maggie and Jackie read the clues and signed up. Together we are “THE MYSTERY CREW.” We all share a passion for the mystery genre in all of its forms. We each post reviews related to the mystery genre. Be it television, movies, or books. Anything that has a mystery slant to it is on the table, so feel free to read our blog posts every week right here on this site.